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Front Page » 2010 » October (Page 4)

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Heavy Lifting Port Of Miami Looks To Add Two More Cargo Cranes

The Port of Miami looks to buy two more gantry cranes, with assistance from Miami-Dade County bond sales, to prepare for future port growth.…

Parking Boxing And The Grove Playhouse Arent Playthings

We'd be far better off if governments grappled with vital problems and didn't create new ones by sticking fingers where they've no business meddling.…

Starwood Capital Group Unveils Plans To Upgrade Sell In 4 Years Its 2000plus Condos

Starwood Capital Group has unveiled its long-awaited plan to sell the remaining condos in its South Florida portfolio: an aggressive marketing strategy to find buyers for the 2,000-plus local units…

Aerospace Giants Like Airbus Boeings Participation Key To Homestead Air Show Success

Convincing Boeing, Northrop Grumman and other aerospace industry giants to attend an international aviation show in Miami is key to putting the event on par with shows like the one…

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New Method Aims To Spur Orange Bowl Ticket Sales

Now settled into his position as vice president of ticket sales and operations for the Orange Bowl Committee, Dawson Hughes has laid out a two-pronged approach to increase ticket sales…