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Front Page » 2010 » March (Page 2)

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Thursday 3/25…

Nice To Good Why Only Some Restorations Make The Cut

The deficit-ridden county plans to spend $3 million to help restore derelict Miami Marine Stadium — a very nice idea indeed.…

Though Many Shy Away Tumbling Building Costs Favor New Projects

Uncertainty in the real estate market has many shying away from new projects, but for those with the capital this could be the best time to build.…

Entertainment Architect Joe Farcus Creates New Worlds As The Designer Behind Carnival Cruise Lines Fleet

Ever walked onto a cruise ship and felt that you stepped into a different world? That world might have been created by Joe Farcus, the architect who designs Carnival's fleet.…

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Thursday 3/25…

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Thursday 3/25…

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Thursday 2/18…

Fyi Miami


Publix To Build Blocksquare Omniarea Store

Publix is coming to the Omni neighborhood.…