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Front Page » 2009 (Page 5)

Calendar Of Events Dance

Saturday 12/19…

Airport City Could Make Miami A Medical Tourism Hotspot

A proposed "Airport City" at Miami International could put Miami on the map as a medical destination, proponents hope. …

Large Miamidade Banks Got Larger In 2009 Trend Expected To Continue Next Year

Consumer deposits in Miami-Dade grew faster at large banks like Citibank and Wachovia between 1999 and 2009 than at community and statewide institutions like BankUnited, Ocean Bank and City National…

Calendar Of Events Music

Thursday 12/24…

Miami International Airport Bid Targets Florida Interanational University Medical City

A Florida International University "medical city." A high-end hotel. An energy center. A cruise lounge. …

Calendar Of Events Outdoors

Thursday 12/24…

Calendar Of Events Theater

Friday 12/25…

Our Officials Can And Do Promise Us The Moon With Impunity

Little wonder faith in local leaders sits so low: their grand promises seldom stand up.…

Miami Downtown Development Authority Oks Rfp For Downtown Convention Center Study

Miami's Downtown Development Authority board has voted to request proposals to weigh the need for a downtown conference center, though directors say the venture is likely to face Miami Beach…

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