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Front Page » 2009 » June (Page 3)

Watershed In Marlins Giveaway How High Will Bill Soar

At a watershed for the taxpayer bailout of Florida Marlins owners, the county will learn Tuesday how much interest we'd pay to bond a $645 million stadium and decide whether…

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Friday 6/25…

Miami Condo Priced Have Plummeted By Half In Past Year Though Sales Remain Steady

Miami condominiums continue to sell steadily but prices have endured a 50% drop in the past year.…

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Thursday 6/25…

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Thursday 6/18…

Burned By Mortgages Bankunited Shifting To Business Lending As Coral Gables Institution Starts New Life Under John Kanas

After teetering on the edge of collapse for nearly a year, Coral Gables-based BankUnited was seized by regulators last month and was quickly turned over to a consortium of investors…

Miami Missing 337719 In Impact Fees As Statute Of Limitations Running Out

While the City of Miami faces deepening budget concerns, several area contractors are sitting on impact fees totaling more than $337,000 that have been due since 2005 — and time…

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Thursday 6/18…

Miami Hit With 1 Million Tab For Unauthorized Aids Facility Sale

A non-profit agency's unauthorized sale of a federally funded AIDS facility to a private company is costing the City of Miami nearly $1 million in a $4 million tab that…