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Front Page » 2007 (Page 6)

Calendar Of Events Business

Thursday 12/20…

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Calendar Of Events Theater

Thursday 12/20…

Calendar Of Events Events

Saturday 12/29…

Calendar Of Events Movies

Saturday 12/22…

Money Found To Reopen Downtown Park

Downtown professionals are soon to regain a lunchtime refuge as the City of Miami moves forward with its once-stalled plans to revive the former Paul Walker Park.…

Calendar Of Events Dance

Saturday 12/14…

New York Company Gets Conditions For Orange Bowl Demolition

The City of Miami is calling for local participation in demolishing the Orange Bowl, requiring the West Seneca, NY-based preferred contractor to use local workers and subcontract a substantial chunk…

County Committee Moves To Formalize Increased Control Over Carnival Center

A Miami-Dade County committee Monday endorsed changes in place since June that tighten the county's financial oversight at the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts.…

Usperu Agreement Could Revive Free Trade Area Of The Americas

The US-Peru free trade agreement approved by the Senate last week could jumpstart the stalled process to create a Free Trade Area of the Americas, says Brian Dean, executive director…