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Thursday 12/27…

Fyi Miami


As New Benefactor Omni Area Should Have More Say Over Carnival Center Commissioner Says

Now that the City of Miami is to be responsible for nearly a half-billion dollars in bailout for the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts, one commissioner says governance of…

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Thursday 12/27…

Blight Definitions For Redevelopment Purposes Are Far Ranging

Many have questioned whether Miami's Watson Island can, in good faith, be deemed blighted in order secure funding for the planned port tunnel there, but a state statute's definition of…

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Calendar Of Events Events

Saturday 12/29…

Classified Ads

Architects Idea For Furniture Design Leads To A Growing Business

Young and fresh out of architecture school, Anselmo Di Virgilio Hernandez thought no one would entrust the design of a building to a new grad, so he began designing furniture.…

Congressional Ok Of Channel Dredging Positions Port For Boom

The Port of Miami has won congressional approval to dredge a 50-foot channel that — along with the construction of the port tunnel — would help the facility double the…