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Dull task may determine how well county meets our needs

How well Miami-Dade County Hall meets needs of business and residents will soon rest on a task that few know about and even fewer care about: a charter review.Stop. Don’t turn the page. Nothing brings more…

With Time Off Its Hands County Can Now Seek Sewer Sponsors

Today's lesson in public policy: be careful what you suggest — someone might actually be listening.…

Can We Still Afford Global Agreement Amidst Bond Chaos

Unprecedented bond market chaos could cost Miami-Dade County billions extra to finance the grandiose scheme of projects lumped under the heading Global Agreement.…

Public Strikes Out In Ballpark Giveaway But Game Isnt Over

While citizens were questioning a $600 million giveaway for a Florida Marlins stadium, county commissioners who were doing the giving had a query closer to home: What's in it for…

Pivotal Word In Downtown Authoritys Title Is Development

The national search by Miami's Downtown Development Authority for an outstanding executive director will fail unless the authority's board firmly commits to re-emphasize its own middle name: Development.…

The Miami Circle Comes Full Circle Hidden Perhaps Forever

The archaeological site called the Miami Circle has now been known for almost a decade and still only a handful of people have ever seen the circle.…

True Costs Of A Stadium Soar Questions Multiply Faster

County commissioners have given administrators and Florida Marlins officials two more weeks to cement a stadium deal or forget about it. Forgetfulness in this case would be a public asset.…

Innovative Knight Foundation Arts Funding Will Alter Miami

When three weeks ago we asked philanthropists to follow the lead of Adrienne Arsht, who had just given $30 million to steady Miami's shaky performing arts center, we were hopeful…

Start Construction Now Ndash But Not On Global Agreement Jobs

Odds keep mounting against a bundle of local projects so broad that even its creators label it a global agreement.…

30 Million Arsht Center Gift Must Be Just The Beginning

Kudos to Adrienne Arsht for putting her money where her heart is and handing over $30 million to the county's performing arts center.…

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