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Front Page » Profile » Stephen N Zack Gears Up To Head American Bar Association With Aim Of Lawyertaught Civics In Every Us High School

Stephen N Zack Gears Up To Head American Bar Association With Aim Of Lawyertaught Civics In Every Us High School

Written by on October 8, 2009

When Stephen N. Zack, administrative partner at Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP’s Miami office, takes up presidency of the American Bar Association next year, the 400,000-member organization’s focus will shift to civic education, Hispanic legal rights and diversity within the legal industry.

Mr. Zack is slated to serve as the first Hispanic president in the ABA’s 130-year history. While he joins newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor as one of the most prominent Hispanics in the legal community, Mr. Zack said having diversity within the rank-and-file of the industry is just as important as diversity at its peaks.

His role at the ABA, however, is only one side of his story. Hanging in his downtown office is a framed front page of the New York Times recounting his cross-examination of John Ahmann, the inventor of the voting machine that produced the hanging chads of the 2000 election.

Prior to that, Mr. Zack ran his own Miami law firm. He’s also served as president of the Florida Bar, chair of the Florida Ethics Committee and was appointed by Former Gov. Lawton Chiles to rewrite the state’s constitution.

Mr. Zack discussed his goals in his offices with Miami Today Staff Writer Zachary S. Fagenson.

Note to editor: I highlighted a couple of words that I couldn’t clearly hear and I wrote what I thought would be the word they used.

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