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Front Page » Profile » Time Andmoney Short For New Jackson Ceo Eneida Roldan As She Seeks To Enlist Community Support For Troubled System

Time Andmoney Short For New Jackson Ceo Eneida Roldan As She Seeks To Enlist Community Support For Troubled System

Written by on May 14, 2009

Jackson Health System, a community lifeline for 90-plus years, faces critical fiscal challenges. Government budgets are shrinking as the amount of charity care the health system provides grows — from 15% to 19% in one quarter alone. Worst-case scenario, Jackson could face a $50 million to $60 million shortfall in the upcoming fiscal year. But Eneida Roldan, newly named president and CEO, is ready to scrub in and perform the budgetary and operational surgery the health system needs to keep its open-access policy alive.

And she’s no stranger to this kind of job. Dr. Roldan took over as head of Miami-based Pan American Hospital — now called Metropolitan Hospital of Miami — after previous administrators filed for bankruptcy. In the face of financial troubles and low morale, she was able to bring in new doctors to increase patient volume and payer mix, paving the way to a successful sale.

Some of the strategies could help revive Jackson. Dr. Roldan plans to re-engage Jackson-trained physicians now practicing in the community to build a team and strengthen the payer mix.

She intends also to explore international markets to draw in paying patients — all with the goal of maintaining the health system’s long-standing open-door mission. Examining practices to increase efficiency is a must, she says, setting a 90-day timeline to embark on what she calls "a very aggressive action plan." And to raise revenue, she hopes to see the cap lifted on the half-penny sales tax that supports the health system — and potentially to begin collecting a full penny.

Building support by educating donors and the community about Jackson’s role is crucial, she says. "For 90 years, Jackson has said "yes’ to the community. Now it’s time for the community to say "yes’ to Jackson." Dr. Roldan shared her strategies with Miami Today staff writer Risa Polansky. To read this profile article in its entirety, subscribe to Miami Today’s E-paper. With the E-paper you will be able to read the entire contents of Miami Today online exactly as it appears in print. Or order this issue, to receive a regular printed copy of this week’s Miami Today. You may also subscribe to the printed edition of Miami Today to receive the newspaper every week by mail. Advertisement