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Front Page » Top Stories » City Of Miami Advised To Revote On Global Pact

City Of Miami Advised To Revote On Global Pact

Written by on April 10, 2008

By Risa Polansky
Here we global again.

Miamians may get another chance to weigh in on the city and Miami-Dade County’s mega-plan of projects this month when city commissioners are to be asked to revote on what’s called the "global agreement."

In his lawsuit opposing the pact, auto magnate Norman Braman claims the city violated its own notice laws for the Dec.13 vote.

City code requires items for commissioners to consider be circulated five days before a meeting.

The city gave notice of the global item first as a discussion, but commissioners later voted on a resolution allowing City Manager Pete Hernandez to make the agreement with the county — meaning the resolution itself was not circulated prior.

City Attorney Julie O. Bru maintains case law and precedent back the action but to "moot the issue" and avert legal fees, commissioners will be asked April 24 to ratify the vote, she said, calling it "the belt and suspender kind of approach."

Ratifying the resolution wouldn’t require a public hearing, she said, though the commission chair could open one.

Chairman Joe Sanchez could not be reached late Tuesday.

"There was a public hearing and a lot of public debate and discussion" Dec. 13, Ms. Bru said. The city, however, did not provide notice of a hearing.

Said Mr. Braman: "Even they don’t have the chutzpah" to revote without allowing comment. "I think they have to hear what the public has to say."

He acknowledged the city for rectifying the issue but said, "What they’re doing is still illegal."

Using redevelopment dollars to fund projects such as a Port of Miami Tunnel and, indirectly, a new Marlins stadium, is wrong, he said.

Only one commissioner of the five, Tomás Regalado, dissented during the initial vote.

Ratifying December’s action would require three ayes. Advertisement