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Front Page » Top Stories » New Miami Administrator Seeks Resignations From 5 City Supervisors

New Miami Administrator Seeks Resignations From 5 City Supervisors

Written by on February 13, 2003

By Susan Stabley
A new top deputy in the City of Miami’s restructured administration is asking for the resignation of five department heads, including those who oversee planning, public works, and parks and recreation.

Chief of Neighborhood Services Victor Monzon-Aguirre will be evaluating those directors to see if they will remain in current jobs, be reassigned or leave, said Carlos McDonald, city communications director. Mr. Monzon-Aguirre’s post combines duties of the former assistant city manager of operations with those of the Neighborhood Enhancement Team, a partnership with police that divides Miami into 13 neighborhoods in an effort to improve safety.

"It’s an open resignation with no set date," Mr. McDonald said. During the next few weeks, the directors’ performances will be reviewed.

Mr. Monzon-Aguirre’s request for resignations is not necessarily indicative of how other chiefs under new City Manager Joe Arriola will handle their departments, though Mr. McDonald said they are free to do so.

Among department heads affected by Mr. Monzon-Aguirre’s actions are Ana Gelabert-Sanchez, planning director; Hector Lima, building director; and Albert Ruder, parks and recreation director; as well as interim directors Albert Dominguez, public works, and Alex Martinez, General Services Administration.

In October, commissioners OK’d Mayor Manny Diaz’s corporate model for the city, overhauling government by dropping eight of 29 departments in the first restructuring since 1995. Three assistant managers were exchanged for a chief financial officer, a chief of neighborhood services, a chief information officer and a chief of strategic planning, budgeting and performance.