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Front Page » Breaking News » Public-private partnerships’ role in Miami eyed

Public-private partnerships’ role in Miami eyed


Written by on June 15, 2018

Art Noriega, chief executive officer of the Miami Parking Authority, will take part in a June 19 panel discussion on “How Public-Private Partnerships are Shaping Miami” during the Invest: Miami 2018 Conference at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Miami. “Public-private partnerships unlock the key to much-needed infill redevelopment projects, aimed at revitalizing decades-old infrastructure and repurposing public facilities to respond to these urban challenges,” said Mr. Noriega.

Parking is considered a critical piece of the urban transportation infrastructure network, similar to roads, bridges and gas stations. However, urban pressures, such as new and evolving parking technology, shifts in demographics, barriers to mobility, environmental issues, decaying infrastructure and public facilities and insufficient resources, are impacting the well-being and resiliency of cities.

These and other factors are prompting the MPA to visualize a blueprint to repurpose and/or reactivate some underutilized facilities. Temporary uses of partially-underutilized facilities for pop-up retail (food trucks, farmers markets), sporting events and art and cultural shows, when the parking facility is vacant, will serve to generate other sources of revenues, engage the local community, foster economic development and energize the area, the authority said.

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