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Front Page » Breaking News » Second adjournment in Miami strong mayor meeting

Second adjournment in Miami strong mayor meeting


Written by on August 6, 2018

After meeting another 15 minutes or so without reaching a consensus, the Miami City Commission on Monday adjourned for a second time that day its special meeting to deal with placing a strong-mayor proposal on the November ballot until 10 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 14.

Earlier, after nearly two hours of sometimes heated debate among commissioners that afternoon regarding the strong-mayor form of government, the commission took a recess shortly after 4 p.m. without a final decision. Commissioners then came back to continue the special meeting, called to deal with two resolutions: one directing the city attorney to prepare an amendment to the city charter to change to a strong-mayor form of government, if approved by voters; and two, submitting to the electorate on the Nov. 6 ballot a proposed city charter amendment to change to a strong-mayor form of government.

Commissioner Joe Carollo was on the offensive, questioning the validity of the citizen petitions circulated to get the strong-mayor form of government on a ballot for city voters to decide.

The commission voted 3-to-1 in approving the first resolution, with Mr. Carollo voting no, and Keon Hardemon absent. Yes votes came from Ken Russell, Manolo Reyes and Wifredo “Willy” Gort.

The second resolution was to place the ballot proposal on the Nov. 6 ballot, but Mr. Reyes was not satisfied with the proposed ballot language. He was questioning a portion that reads “provide other mayoral and commission powers and changes,” and was trying to include specific wording about the strong-mayor’s salary.

Acting Chairman Russell then called for the first recess to afford time for the city attorney to work with commissioners on possible changes to the wording of the proposed ballot proposal.


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