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Front Page » Breaking News » Miami tries to take bite out of mosquito season

Miami tries to take bite out of mosquito season


Written by on May 11, 2018

The City of Miami is asking residents to keep mosquito safety in mind as city workers take measures to limit mosquito breeding in the upcoming warm and rainy months.
“We are taking every precaution as part of our Safe City Initiative, to educate residents and limit the mosquito population in the months ahead,” said City Manager Emilio Gonzalez.
Residents are asked to help by draining standing water, covering receptacles that collect water, and using repellents to guard against mosquito bites.
City Code Compliance, Solid Waste, and N.E.T. offices will be educating residents and business owners about conditions that lead to mosquito breeding, coordinating waste haulers, and addressing illegal dumping; Homeless Assistance will distribute insect repellent towelettes and sprays; Public Works will do larvicide treatments in open drains and inspect roadway construction sites, open trenches and storage bins; Parks and Recreation will identify potential mosquito breeding locations and addressing concerns.

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