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Front Page » Breaking News » Miami-Dade bans Styrofoam docks

Miami-Dade bans Styrofoam docks


Written by on November 13, 2017

Miami-Dade commissioners last week voted to ban all floating docks made of polystyrene, or Styrofoam.

Polystyrene is a non-biodegradable petroleum-based plastic that is our nation’s fifth largest creator of hazardous waste.

In July, the county commission banned the use of polystyrene products in all county parks and beaches.

Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava sponsored the legislation that bans any polystyrene products that aren’t fully enclosed, as they can break apart into innumerable pieces and “cause damage to the marine environment, harm marine organisms and create unsightly nuisances in Biscayne Bay and other water” in the county, the legislation says.

Any degrading polystyrene structures will also need to be replaced with different materials.

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