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Front Page » Breaking News » Consumer prices soar, led by gasoline, electricity, health care

Consumer prices soar, led by gasoline, electricity, health care


Written by on November 16, 2017

Consumer prices rose 1% in the South Florida area over the past two months, driving up the 12-month rise to 2.7%, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

The 1% gain in a two-month period is the largest consumer prices increase in South Florida since February 2013, when they rose 1.5% in two months, according to statistics provided by the bureau.

Leading the price rise was a 12.7% increase in the price of motor fuels in the September-October period, the bureau said. Over the past year, the price South Florida consumers pay for energy has risen 10.5%, with motor fuel up 11.3% and electricity up 10%.

The cost of shelter in South Florida had a two-month jump of 0.9%, part of a 4.6% jump in the past 12 months.

Medical care costs in the area rose 8.8% in the past year, the bureau reported.

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