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Front Page » Breaking News » Condo owners seek county’s aid

Condo owners seek county’s aid


Written by on March 7, 2017

Condo owners asked Miami-Dade’s County Commission for help Tuesday. Wearing orange tee shorts with “We are all condos” on the front and “Stop condo abuse and corruption” on the back, they’re concerned that they are helpless with property managers. Most spoke in Spanish, through an interpreter, to seek accountability for all and proposed solutions for the state Condominium Act.

One man said condo owners have a clear disadvantage to “property managers who know how to steal money.” Another, who’s fond of Mayor Carlos Gimenez and the commission, asked that others be respectful of local leaders.

Carlos Martinez, Miami-Dade public defender, said in 2005 “this commission adopted an ordinance which has created some confusion.” The intention, he explained, was when a public defender client completes an application, a penalty should not be applied for issues not the owners’ fault. “Now, it looks like it can be imposed,” Mr. Martinez said. “Legislation coming before the county commission is to clarify that it’s not to be imposed. “