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“Miami Today is the leading source of business news in South Florida today. I read it religiously to stay on top of the important issues of the day, especially those that escape the attention of the general media. It is not afraid to “peel back the onion” on heated and controversial issues that beg further analysis from a business perspective and is a trusted source for those of us in the business community.”

 Brian E. Keeley, President and CEO at Baptist Health South Florida

“You cannot really know Greater Miami unless you read Miami Today every week.  As a historian, I count on Miami Today to report on events and provide in-depth profiles that are not available in other publications.  Keep up the good work Miami Today.  We need you.”

Arva Moore Parks, Author and Historian

“I read Miami Today for reasons that may not only be about Business in Miami, but because the paper offers a glimpse into the entire city and its activities from a very serious and objective perspective, and that includes Art and Culture.  I always enjoy the op-eds and catching up with who is doing what in a community I have been proud to call home for over 40 years!   Miami Today has long been a part of why Miami is more than beaches (not that there is anything wrong with that).”

 Carol Damian, Florida International University

“Thankfully, the importance of “Miami Today” in our community, has continued to grow through the years in spite of steady declines in print and electronic news media both locally and nationally. I find so many interesting articles in each weekly issue that I would not otherwise be aware of. In addition to providing timely and interesting news coverage “Miami Today” is a community asset and a signifiocant public service, particularly for local government and the business community.”

Merrett R. Stierheim

“If you want to know what is happening in downtown Miami and Miami-Dade and City of Miami government, it is essential that you read Miami Today each week.”

Bruce Jay Colan, Partner at Holland & Knight

“For decades Miami Today has been a consistent, credible news resource for our business community. Each week readers are guaranteed to benefit from the paper’s quality journalism, integrity and transparent news. Miami Today has done an exceptional job keeping the community informed on our city’s dynamic marketplace.”

Alicia E. Cervera, Cervera Real Estate

“Information presented unbiasely. You may not agree with some of its Editorial positions but you have to respect where they lead you.”

T. Willard Fair, President & CEO of Urban League of Greater Miami, Inc.

“Miami Today is one of my important sources for quality, unbiased reporting on the most pressing civic and real estate news in our community.  Every week I find something new or of interest to me.  I always look forward to reading your insightful editorials; they always get right to the heart of the matter on the most important issues facing our community.  Miami Today truly fills an important need in our community, especially given the current state of print media in this country.”

Armando Codina, Codina Partners

“For the past 30 years, Miami Today has played a critical role in providing/ disseminating otherwise unreported stories and information that have helped weave together and strengthen Miami’s business, civic, and cultural communities. It is a connector, a web of sorts—of people, places, information, communities– with no agenda other than to inform us about who we are, how we behave, and what we need to know to be responsible citizens. For that and all it has done and will continue to do, I– among many– am grateful.”

Cathy Leff

“I always look forward to reading MIAMI TODAY as it offers such extensive and in-depth local news.  I also appreciate Michael Lewis’ insightful editorials and find I usually agree with them.”

 Betty B. Chapman

“Congratulations to Carmen and Michael on the 30th anniversary of Miami Today. While other newspapers have disappeared or floundered, Miami today remains a constant of worthy news and personalities in our vibrant community. Best wishes for another 30.”

 Martin Margulies

 “‘Miami Today’ fills a huge void in providing detailed accounts of issues and outcomes generated weekly at Commission Meetings of Miami-Dade County, and the cities of Miami and Miami Beach. In addition, its coverage of the business community is outstanding. Without “Miami Today” we would be left with only a few high profile issues covered in our daily and a smattering of local news sound bites on TV News. I am grateful for the work you do every week.”

Harvey Ruvin, Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts

“Miami Today is a must-read publication for me. They focus on particular elements of the business and civic world in which other publications are no longer able to provide detailed focus. This niche uniquely positions them and I am appreciative of their reporters’ efforts to keep me informed.”

Modesto A. Maidique, President Emeritus of Florida International University (FIU)