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Front Page » Education » Miami Dade College enrollment bouncing back

Miami Dade College enrollment bouncing back

Written by on February 23, 2021
Miami Dade College enrollment bouncing back

As students adjust to new campus protocols, Miami Dade College has seen an increase in enrollment, narrowing its gap to a 7% total decline from pre-covid days compared to 12% last fall. 

MDC’s Wolfson Campus downtown has been focused on supporting students holistically when it comes to mental health, financial planning and public health benefits, said Beatriz González, the campus president. 

Besides healthcare aspects, the campus has been moving forward with programming like dual enrollment, producing the student literary magazine, kickstart and rapid credential certifications, and hybrid-style courses.

“While the average number of credits students are taking is still down, the headcount is up 3.6% from last spring and up to 2.5% compared to the fall term,” Dr. González said of Wolfson Campus attendance. 

Overall, Miami Dade College saw a large enrollment drop this past fall, with about 53,500 students compared to almost 61,000 in fall 2019. September saw the largest percentage decline, 17%, which was reduced to about 12% during October’s mini-term enrollment push. 

Currently, the college stands at an overall 7% decline compared to pre-covid. So far, a little over 53,000 students have enrolled for spring. Starting March 8, another mini-term enrollment campaign is expected to push numbers up. 

With the support and initiatives of the Miami Dade College Foundation, the college is committed to offering scholarships for students struggling to pay tuition and expenses for spring and summer semesters, Dr. González said.

“So far, we have given over $10.4 million of scholarship grants, an incentive up to $1,800, which translates up to 13 credits,” she said. “Students are starting to get accustomed to all of this and are still finding ways to accomplish their goals through this pandemic.”