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FYI Miami: February 15, 2018

Written by on February 13, 2018

Below are some of the FYIs in this week’s edition. The entire content of this week’s FYIs and Insider sections is available by subscription only. To subscribe click here.

CITY CENTRE EXPANDING: A new project looms on the horizon for Brickell. Regina Lacayo, spokesperson for Swire Properties, told Miami Today that the organization continues to work on design and concept plans for the area near its Brickell City Centre. She emailed, “Swire has a long-term commitment to Miami and its sustainable development, evidenced by its plan for the One Brickell City Centre tower. At this time, a plan exists to expand Brickell City Centre with 1BCC, however there is more design work to be completed before more information can be made public.” Tenants in the area, including those at 799 Brickell Plaza, will be impacted and are expected to relocate. No timeline is available for the project.
YOU’RE FLYING SOLO: Stating that “the county does not insure private companies against business losses, or guarantee that private companies will realize any level of profit,” a resolution from Commissioner Rebeca Sosa up for committee action today (2/15) could set a policy that the county should “not provide relief to concessionaires at [Miami International Airport], such as additional concession locations, extended term, or reductions in payment to the county” and that those who won’t abide by lease terms should be evicted. It would bar the administration from resolving such concessionaire claims without a two-thirds commission OK. Before considering such a claim, the resolution would require the Office of the Inspector General as well as the Audit Management Services Department to do audits and reviews of the concession. A number of airport concessionaires have complained that airport construction and economic conditions have hurt their business and have asked for relief. The resolution says that “concession space at MIA is a rare commodity that should be allocated to those firms who demonstrate their entitlement through their success in an open, competitive process.”
REPRESENTING TOGETHER: While debating Florida House and Senate bills that might keep Miami-Dade from dipping into People’s Transportation Plan surtax monies for transit operations, Commissioner Dennis Moss said he has never understood why local and state lawmakers don’t work together to represent residents. “All of these years I have never understood why we don’t just work on these issues together instead of wasting so much political capital fighting our representatives in Tallahassee,” he said. “Could you imagine all we could do for this community if we worked to bring more resources to the county and not get into fights?,” he asked his colleagues. Mr. Moss said the state should focus on issues like corrections and providing protection to children in need, while the county can work on local issues. “The same people they represent are the people we represent.”