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‘Public Transit Day’ to boost public transit system

Written by on November 22, 2016
‘Public Transit Day’ to boost public transit system

Entrepreneurs Rebecca Fishman Lipsey of Radical Partners and Marta Viciedo of Urban Impact Lab are teaming up to engage locals in solutions for strengthening our public transit system.

Building upon the steps Miami’s leaders have taken, Ms. Fishman-Lipsey and Ms. Viciedo have joined with Miami-Dade as well as Broward officials to declare Dec. 9 as “Public Transit Day” and encourage everyone to use public transportation for the day. What started as a Miami-focused effort has now expanded to include transit riders and leaders in Broward and Palm Beach. Public Transit Day is being co-hosted by local organizations and businesses committed to improving South Florida’s public transit system.

Ms. Fishman-Lipsey and Ms. Viciedo are urging public officials, community leaders and residents to take the pledge to use public transportation for the day Dec. 9.

Getting stuck in Miami rush hour is an all-too-familiar experience. According to the 2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, traffic congestion in the Miami-Dade/Broward/Palm Beach region ranks 12th worst for US urban areas.

People can share thoughts about their riding experience using #PublicTransitDay and follow social media posts through Twitter, @MIATransitDay, Instagram, miatransitday, and Facebook, the 100 Great Ideas page.

“Earlier this year, we facilitated a massive community brainstorm with 1,700 locals on social-media, and they generated 400 unique ideas to strengthen transit in Miami,” Ms. Fishman-Lipsey said. “The most popular idea was to engage residents and local leaders in using public transit and we’re excited to bring it to life.”

“Public Transit Day is an open invitation for everyone, especially people that have never or rarely use our transit system,” said Ms. Viciedo. “This is about taking action and gaining insight around one of the most important local issues of our generation.”

Activations will occur all over the county. In Miami, there will be a Lunch @The Underline (Brickell Metrorail stop) where locals can eat with elected leaders and their community at the county’s longest picnic table. Buskerfest Miami, a street performance festival now in its fourth year, is also taking place from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Dec. 9.

Ms. Fishman-Lipsey and Ms. Viciedo are working with Director of Transportation and Public Works Alice Bravo. Lyft, which will have a special offer that day for new users (use promo code MIATRANSITDAY to receive $5 off each of 10 rides in a two-week period). The Miami Foundation is the lead sponsor for the event, and Ride2MD, the Miami Center for Architecture & Design, Whole Foods and Tri-Rail are core supporters.


2 Responses to ‘Public Transit Day’ to boost public transit system

  1. JAS33131

    November 23, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Hey everyone, take our ridiculously inadequate public transit for one single day! And then realize it’s garbage and get back into your cars. Great plan.

    Build Metrorail everywhere. Do it.

  2. Diego Rivadeneira

    November 28, 2016 at 7:25 am

    In order to have ridership, Public transit has to have a main core of service of which it does not have. Just to give you an example the Florida Turnpike is a Parking Lot with motorists wanting to go North from Homestead. There is not one single Bus carrying commuters North Bound, that should tell you something (WHY NOT).

    Let us start by having a fleet of buses of say 15 buses along the Florida Turnpike and have strategic stops every five miles to park and ride facilities and have Uber, lift vehicles standing by to take commuters to their destinations or better yet have smaller buses that can take folks to their final destinations by commuters planning their rides ahead of time on their smart phones and having the transport buses ready take commuters to their destinations you can eliminate cars on the road. Transit and the Turnpike need to Partnership with Transit to make driving and commuting Smart and efficient and provide relief of reducing cars on the road and having the same goal and not competing for tolls.

    A bus system that only goes on the path needs to have feeder buses to take commuters to their final destinations. This is why motorists do not utilize Public Transit.

    We also need an RFP on Private Transit to offer competition in ridership opportunities for commuters or combine the Private Sector opportunities to make Transit more efficient by partnering with Grey-Hound , Red-Bus, Etc…What we are doing presently is not working effectively as we want it to be and we need to get serious with our Traffic Issues and come up with these types of solutions and bring Private Investment opportunities to Augment our funding for Transit.