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Front Page » Profile » Neha Dagley: Miami attorney focuses on US trade links with India

Neha Dagley: Miami attorney focuses on US trade links with India

Written by on December 8, 2015
Neha Dagley: Miami attorney focuses on US trade links with India

Neha Dagley attributes her work ethic in large part to watching how family members approached life. Growing up in Mumbai, she said, her parents had no means to do much but somehow managed to send her to a good school.

When Ms. Dagley was almost 15, her mother moved from India to Las Vegas to care for a relative, which she willingly did but also saw as an opportunity for her only child.

After working hard to get a job as a substitute teacher, she brought her daughter and husband to the US, where Ms. Dagley continued her schooling. In this county, she said, the school system helps those who don’t have financial means, unlike in India where Ms. Dagley describes the school system as strong but catering to those of a higher economic level. 

She never forgot her roots, the struggle her family went through, and said it’s a motivating factor to work hard every day and dedicate herself to all her pursuits. 

Today, Ms. Dagley is an attorney with Salazar Jackson, where she serves as senior counsel and co-chair of the litigation group. After nine years with a small firm in Fort Lauderdale, she said coming to Salazar Jackson last year allowed her to launch The India Practice Group.

She always wanted to focus on her ties with India and head a group to represent Indian or other clients who want to do business outbound to India or inbound into the US, specifically South Florida.

Miami Today reporter Susan Danseyar interviewed Ms. Dagley in her office at Salazar Jackson.

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