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Front Page » Profile » Donna Abood: Chairing Beacon Council drive to lure new business

Donna Abood: Chairing Beacon Council drive to lure new business

Written by on August 18, 2015
Donna Abood: Chairing Beacon Council drive to lure new business

With 30 years experience in commercial real estate, Donna Abood is at a stage in her career where she’s built strong relationships from which she finds repeat business for the future. She brings all the skills she’s learned to her new venture as managing director and principal of Miami for Avison Young. 

At the same time, Ms. Abood is sharing the wealth of knowledge and well-honed instincts she’s garnered over her career so far to her role as board chairman for the Beacon Council, helping to increase economic investment in the county and bring more jobs here.

Perhaps equally valuable to her colleagues and community is her faith in Miami’s ever-growing global importance. We have the most ideal geographic location in the world for business and that will sustain us, she said. Miami has grown to such a magnitude as a major metropolitan market, Ms. Abood believes, and says it’s not artificial growth so the city won’t slide back significantly if we have another economic hit or a recession. It will, she says, be felt more as a “correction.”

When the Beacon Council courts new companies, Ms. Abood said, there’s an excellent story to tell about the community’s strengths and attractions, including its airport, seaport, expanding arts, and international base of companies, multinationals and significant entrepreneurial growth.

The Beacon Council can also talk about the demographics of our community, the multiple languages being spoken here and the numerous cultures we have that companies can tap into for employees, Ms. Abood said. She also pointed out one of our greatest secrets is that Miami is a college town with public and private schools offering higher education opportunities ranging from two-year degrees to doctorates.

Miami Today reporter Susan Danseyar interviewed Ms. Abood in Avison Young’s newly constructed Coral Gables office.

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