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Front Page » Profile » Jim Murley: Leads regional planning council to meet area’s needs

Jim Murley: Leads regional planning council to meet area’s needs

Written by on July 28, 2015
Jim Murley: Leads regional planning council to meet area’s needs

Jim Murley likes to say this state is a dress rehearsal for the rest of the country and South Florida, in particular, is a great place to identify issues the entire US is going to be looking at. 

We have the largest proportion of people over 65, along with a young and diversified population; an income gap in our regional community that must be narrowed or – better yet – closed; and a need to better prepare for what are forecasted changes in sea level rise. Other states might not be facing these issues right now but many will have to, so that’s the dress rehearsal, Mr. Murley said.

As executive director of the South Florida Regional Planning Council, he pays close attention to long-term challenges and opportunities facing this part of the state, overseeing the council’s assistance to the region’s leaders in developing and implementing creative strategies for more prosperous and equitable communities, a healthier and cleaner environment and a more vibrant economy.

That’s a tall order. It means keeping an eye on employment opportunities, transportation initiatives and improvements, water supply planning, and the creation of sustainable, livable communities, among other endeavors. 

A small regional agency can’t solve address all these issues alone, Mr. Murley said, so it partners with counties and cities, the private and nonprofit sectors as well as regional, state and federal agencies.

Mr. Murley said the important thing for the regional council, especially urban South Florida where we have large county governments and millions of people who live here, is to work across layers of government and look for ways they can work together and be more effective.

Miami Today reporter Susan Danseyar interviewed Mr. Murley in Coconut Grove.

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