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Front Page » Profile » Felice Gorordo: Building a business around immigration status needs

Felice Gorordo: Building a business around immigration status needs

Written by on July 21, 2015
Felice Gorordo: Building a business around immigration status needs

At the close of his 2011-12 stint as a White House Fellow working for President Obama’s domestic policy council and in public engagement, Felice Gorordo was thinking about what to do next. Work experience had given him the entrepreneurial spirit and his parents came to this country in search of freedom, opportunity and their vision of the American dream – the impetus for Mr. Gorordo’s interest in immigration work. So when he learned about Clearpath, a relatively new company that empowers the immigrant community here in the US, it was the obvious career choice.

Clearpath focuses on the 40 million immigrants in this country looking to adjust their status and the family members who they’re petitioning from abroad. Mr. Gorordo, CEO of the privately held company, explains the software Clearpath offers and how that makes it easier, more affordable and secure for our immigrant community to file their own applications. 

The son of Cuba-born parents, Mr. Gorordo understands the pain one can feel from losing roots or leaving family behind. At 18, he visited Cuba for the first time in search of a personal connection with his family’s country of origin. It was an emotional, transformational experience that led Mr. Gorordo to start Roots of Hope, a non-profit focused on empowering young people in Cuba to become the authors of their own future.

Miami Today reporter Susan Danseyar interviewed Mr. Gorordo at Clearpath’s office in Pipeline Brickell.

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