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Front Page » Government » Miami-Dade tweaks budget system

Miami-Dade tweaks budget system

Written by on June 2, 2015

The Miami-Dade Commission altered its budget process Tuesday so that changes to the mayor’s proposed budget must come a few days before the first and second budget hearings and the committee with jurisdiction over budgetary matters will review new fees, rates or changes to existing ones in the mayor’s proposed budget and send recommendations before the first full commission discussion.

Commissioners unanimously amended the county code to allow at the first and second budget hearing a separate motion and vote on changes to the mayor’s proposed budget regarding property tax rates for the countywide general fund, unincorporated municipal service area, Miami-Dade library system for operating purposes, countywide bonded debt service and Miami-Dade fire and rescue services district bonded debt service.

The distribution of those changes is also required no later than 48 hours prior to the first and second budget hearing.

The commission also approved an ordinance that asks the mayor or his designee to present a report detailing all new fees, rates and charges or adjustments to existing ones at the committee meeting and include the reason for the proposed changes, as well as information regarding additional anticipated increases over the ensuing five fiscal years and assumptions used to forecast such anticipated increases.

In addition, the commission auditor, in consultation with the committee chair having jurisdiction over budgetary matters and the mayor’s designee from the office of management and budget, will  prepare a separate budget for the commission and all departments and divisions that report directly to the it, including the county attorney’s office, the Office of the Inspector General, the Commission on Ethics and Public Trust and the Office of Commission Auditor and Legislative Analysis Division under the county commissioners’ fund.