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Front Page » Profile » R. Alexander Acosta: Focus on FIU law school, US Century Bank quality

R. Alexander Acosta: Focus on FIU law school, US Century Bank quality


Written by on May 12, 2015

R. Alexander Acosta: Focus on FIU law school, US Century Bank quality

As dean of Florida International University’s law school, Alex Acosta spends a lot of time fundraising. But he doesn’t separate those hours when he’s seeking donations from community involvement. On any given day, Mr. Acosta isn’t happy if he hasn’t spent a portion of his time making sure FIU is seen, heard and represented in the public eye.

It’s a relatively new law school, with the first graduates now celebrating their 10th reunion. The school’s challenge, Mr. Acosta said, is to transform itself from a well-known local university to one that’s highly regarded across the country.

There’s no reason FIU’s college of law can’t have that recognition, Mr. Acosta firmly believes. What’s most important to him is not how many but rather the quality of lawyers FIU educates and sends into the workforce.

Mr. Acosta said the school encourages students to work while still at FIU so they are “practice ready” but understands the market also wants graduates who are highly talented and ready to grow.

Mr. Acosta, a former US Attorney for Southern District of Florida, said his work at the law school fits in nicely with his position as chairman of the board of US Century Bank, a role he took over from Ramon E. Rasco in December 2013. The bank, which had fallen into financial trouble, was recapitalized in March when Patriot Financial Partners and Priam Capital each invested $20.5 million, leading the community bank’s $65 million recapitalization plan. 

Miami Today reporter Susan Danseyar interviewed Mr. Acosta in his office at the law school.

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