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Front Page » FYI Miami » FYI Miami: May 14, 2015

FYI Miami: May 14, 2015

Written by on May 12, 2015

BOOMING CONSTRUCTION: Contracts for future construction in South Florida more than doubled in March, rising from $400.6 million to $801.8 million Dodge Data & Analytics reports. For the first three months of the year, the gain is solid but less pronounced, up 39% from $1.65 billion last year to $2.3 billion this year. For the year to date, residential contracts for future work rose 30% while all other contracts increased 57%.

MOUNTIES IN MIAMI: A county committee was to discuss this week a study that could put police back on horses in Miami-Dade. A resolution by Commission Javier Souto would ask the mayor’s office to study horseback patrols and report within 90 days. The county disbanded its mounted patrol in 2009. The study would look at using mounted patrols to control crowds and deter crime, The study would also determine where funds for a mounted patrol would come from and calculate their costs. The measure was to come before the committee in April but consideration was deferred because Mr. Souto was absent.

COMPENSATION COSTS RISE: South Florida’s employee compensation costs rose 2.1% in March from a year earlier, trailing most of the largest 15 metropolitan areas, according to figures released last week by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Compensation costs rose 4.4% in the 12-month period in Seattle, which was the highest percentage gain in the nation. Other big gainers: Atlanta 3.9%, Boston 3.6%, Chicago and Los Angeles 3.3%, and San Jose, CA, 2.9%. In Detroit alone did costs fall, one-tenth of one percent.

UPGRADE TAKES OFF: Miami-Dade County commissioners voted 11-0 last week to allow Miami International Airport plans to spend $212 million to upgrade its Central Terminal’s Concourse E. Commissioners accepted $4.6 million from the Florida Department of Transportation to help fund the project. The state department already had $22 million in its five-year work plan ticketed for the project, leaving the county Aviation Department to fund about almost $186 million from its reserve maintenance budgets to finish the job. Items included in the plans for Concourse E and Concourse E satellite include four new passenger bridges, nine new passenger elevators, air conditioning replacement and refurbishing, re-roofing and installation of efficient LED lighting fixtures.

THE LINEUP: County commissioners last week voted 11-0 to direct Mayor Carlos Gimenez to report within 60 days every senior position expected to be vacated by retirements in the next three years.