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Front Page » Real Estate » Related hands Miami a park for free

Related hands Miami a park for free

Written by on May 5, 2015
Related hands Miami a park for free

As developer The Related Group is busy putting finishing touches on its waterfront condo tower Icon Bay, work in also progressing on a new adjoining park – a public park.

The developer dedicated a portion of land as a park, and gave it to the City of Miami.

City commissioners recently accepted the land and approved a new plat for the area.

Icon Bay Park is being developed as part of Icon Bay, a 43-story residential tower at the end of Northeast 28th Street in Edgewater.

PRH NE 28th Street LLC is listed as owner of property at 455 NE 28th St.

On April 23, commissioners authorized acceptance of a special warranty deed, for the donation of a parcel of adjacent land.

PRH agreed to cover all costs associated with the property transfer, including the survey, environmental report, title insurance and closing costs.

The resolution states that PRH agreed to dedicate to the city the adjacent land, “to be solely used and enjoyed as a park,” and has agreed to maintain the park in perpetuity. In addition, PRH has agreed to contribute to the maintenance of the inlet adjacent to the city’s property.

The waterfront park is expected to one day be connected to a miles-long public walkway called the Biscayne Line. Related has promised funding to help construct the baywalk along Biscayne Bay.

Commissioners also approved the plat of Garden Park On The Bay, located between

Northeast 27th Street Alley and 29th Street. They accepted the plat from PRH.

The specific intent of this plat is to close the right-of-way of Northeast 28th Street and North Bayshore Drive within the plat, “and to create two (2) tracts of land for the construction of a residential development and a public park,” says the resolution.

“This is the first new park in Edgewater in a long time,” said Commissioner Marc Sarnoff.

He said the developer deserves credit for not only giving the land for the park to the city, but promising to always maintain the park.

Commissioner Francis Suarez commended the developer’s initiative and said it could serve as a challenge to the city’s own parks department. He said it will be interesting to see whether the new Icon Bay Park is maintained better than most city parks.

Mr. Suarez said it’s important that these public spaces look good. “We need to step it up on our beautification efforts,” he said.

And it’s not just the parks that need attention. “Beautification for all neighborhoods must be a priority,” said Mr. Suarez.

Commission Chairman Wifredo “Willy” Gort also praised the deal that gave the city a new public park.

“I want to see more” developers making public contributions as part of their projects, he said.

As for overall beautification, Mr. Gort said the message of how important it is to keep your neighborhood clean must start in the schools. “Show the kids why it’s important… and the kids tell the parents,” he said.

“Developers are not evil,” Mr. Sarnoff said.

This development illustrates how when the city “works with them instead of against them, you can accomplish a lot,” he said.

Mr. Sarnoff said Related recognized how this area of Edgewater is becoming a dense neighborhood and understood the need for the relief the public space will offer.

One Response to Related hands Miami a park for free

  1. Bren

    May 30, 2015 at 1:26 am

    This is in regard to the icon Bay Park, which also borders my home. Let’s get the story straight. Related May have donated most of the land for the Park, however, their swimming pool sits on what was formerly Bankers Park, a tract of government land. The new park is a welcome addition to the area