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City to spread garage ads around Miami

Written by on July 9, 2014
City to spread garage ads around Miami

Tapping yet another source of revenue, the Miami Parking Authority is expanding its program of advertising in its garages around the city.

The Off-Street Parking Board has selected Parking Garage Advertising LLC as sole contractor to handle the garage ads for the authority.

In April the board decided to expand advertising to all parking facilities it owns and operates. The board voted to request proposals from firms interested in managing the ads, and only Parking Garage Advertising LLC responded. It’s the firm that has worked with the authority on its pilot program, approved in 2013, that saw wall ads displayed inside the Courthouse Center Garage at 40 NW Third St.

The one-year pilot effort succeeded and “we felt comfortable enough to expand the program,” said authority CEO Art Noriega.

The latest move will allow interior advertising to be displayed at the more than half-dozen garages the authority owns and operates.

They include Courthouse Center Garage, Cultural Center Garage, College Station Garage, Oak Avenue Garage, Convention Center Garage and Allapattah Garage. Also included are four parking facilities tied to Jackson Memorial Hospital: JMH West, JMH Highland, JMH Medical Towers and JMH East.

Revenue to the authority is based on a monthly fee schedule.

In its proposal, Miami-based Parking Garage Advertising LLC proposed a fee schedule with a guaranteed fee payment monthly or a flat percentage of revenues, whichever is greater.

For example, the company would pay the authority a minimum $9,500 a month; however, 25% of projected monthly ad revenues could result in $24,000 to the authority.

The types of signs displaying ads will include wall murals in the heart of the garages and near elevators, and gate arm ads.

A representative of Parking Garage Advertising told the authority’s board that the expansion to other garages will help the firm attract new advertisers and new products to promote, and might include high-level regional and national clients.

With the board’s approval, authority staff is working with the company to determine which locations and rates “are most advantageous and appropriate” for the parking agency, according to Mr. Noriega.

Board members earlier voiced concern about the ads, hoping they would be tasteful and not distract motorists.