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Front Page » Latest News » Class A office tower planned in Gables

Class A office tower planned in Gables

Written by on June 4, 2014

A Class A 16-story office tower is planned to replace far smaller offices at 1200 Ponce de Leon Blvd. in Coral Gables.

The tower, owned by 1200 Ponce LLC, will have 96,427 square feet of commercial space and 322 parking spaces, said attorney and shareholder Mario Garcia-Serra. The present building is 13,175 square feet.

The Coral Gables Design Review Committee gave owners positive feedback Friday, saying the excellent design needs just a traffic study and review of landscaping before moving to the permit and approval process.

The 28,524-square-foot site at the southwest corner of Antilla Avenue and Ponce de Leon requires rezoning of two lots now used for parking from multi-family to commercial. In addition, owners seek a conditional use approval for a bank drive-through.

Architect Alberto Cordoves said the drive-through will be away from the site’s western boundary, where it abuts multi-family medium-density use, and will be designed with good traffic flow to avoid conflicts with residences.

“We’re treated the building in harmony with others around it and believe it will be a positive project for the city,” said Mr. Cordoves, president of Corwill Architects.

Design Review Committee members agreed the proposal would add beauty to the North Ponce area.

“You have done a great job on design and it has been a pleasure working with you,” said Ramon Trias, committee chairman.

City Architect Carlos Mindreau said he will respond favorably when the project comes before the Board of Architects this week.

“This is one of the nicest designed projects – quite handsome,” he said.

City police requested a traffic study. Troy Springmyer, landscape services superintendent, asked for more plantings. The application also faces a Planning and Zoning Board hearing.