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Front Page » 2013 » March (Page 5)

Ballpark Parking Bond Probe Veiled

County and city officials entangled in the federal probe of municipal bond sales that financed the Miami Marlins baseball stadium in Little Havana say there has been little action…

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Factmeter Rates Herald Stadium Numbers Claims Half True

Debunking inflated claims of officials and those feeding at the public trough is great public service, balloon-pricking that for years the print press has done honorably.…

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Stadium Tax Opponents Get Louder

While Miami Dolphins executives and Miami-Dade County officials are being tight-lipped about their negotiations on the Dolphins' proposed stadium improvements, pockets of opposition are developing against using tax dollars for…

300 Million In Foreign Deposits Flee

The new Foreign Account Tax Compliance law's efforts to combat tax evasion and create deeper deposit transparency in the US has prompted a multi-million-dollar foreign capital outflow from Florida.…

Mortgage Financing Loosens Up

While foreign investors able to pay all cash for property have dominated the real estate market during its return from the downturn, leaders in the banking and real estate…