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Wisdom reveals paying officials more is fairer to everyone

Credit Miami Beach for wisdom and courage in asking voters to pay the mayor and commission more than the token level set 52 years ago.We trust that Miami-Dade will show the same wisdom and courage next…

Hireathome Rule Doesnt Do Justice To Taxpayers Or Region

County commissioners do their best work when they debate policy instead of squabbling over whose friends should get contracts.…

In The Wake Of Wilma We Long To Shout We Will Rebuild

As we overcome Hurricane Wilma's misery, let's pause to draw wisdom from the aftermath of Andrew, the 1992 hurricane that crushed South Miami-Dade, left thousands homeless and became our yardstick…

Weve Been Right All Alongwe Are A Global Business Hub

All that investment interest from abroad isn't limited to Greater Miami's booming condo market - not by a long shot.…

15 Faces You May See In Public Places Again And Again And

What started as harmless self-promotion may have ballooned into the sort of massive display of officialdom portraiture more common in some other nations.…

As Miamis Towers Rise So Do Needs For Vital Infrastructure

Even as nonstop construction fuels Miami's economy, everyone is saying we must create vital infrastructure to sustain growth before it's too late.…

Good Information Is Vital In Assessing Continuing Condo Boom

It's hard to keep up with Miami's rapid changes - hard, but vital.…

Analysts Eye Miamis Condo Boom Raise A More Risk Sign

You know we face trouble when public-relations firms are hired to tell us that we don't.…

Heed Lessons From The Performing Arts Centers Problems

The good news is that the Miami Performing Arts Center is going to open in a year or so, offer an outstanding venue for fine cultural performances and be available…

Miami Is On Pace To Retain Hemispheres Military Command

The incoming principal military advisor to the president says action is near to cement the headquarters of the US Southern Command into Miami's long-term future.…

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