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Dull task may determine how well county meets our needs

How well Miami-Dade County Hall meets needs of business and residents will soon rest on a task that few know about and even fewer care about: a charter review.Stop. Don’t turn the page. Nothing brings more…

Stateordered Tax Cut May Foster Useful New Taxing Districts

The Florida Legislature's move to shrink local governments by trimming their tax resources may, ironically, spur the creation of tiny yet efficient quasi-governments.…

Terrible Timing On Plan For 67 Raise For Arts Center Ceo

On stage, timing is everything. Maybe that's why the Performing Arts Center Trust last week put off a vote on the first step of a $153,000 raise for the CEO…

Charter Panel Holds Key To Upgrading County Government

Flying far under the radar of public scrutiny, a 21-member task force is debating major revisions to Miami-Dade County's equivalent of a constitution.…

Like A Pintildeata Bursting Condo Bubble Will Spill Forth Goodies

Even Cassandra must have thought once or twice about pie in the sky.…

Firings Dont Cure Citys Scandals Ndash They Just Cover Them Up

The firing of two officials last week in separate scandals seemed to eradicate cancers in Miami's city hall.…

Slots A Bad Gamble For Business Economy And Government

At lunch on Brickell with a bank president, the next table made us cringe. Seven gruff, muscular men were listening to a more senior associate tell them how to do…

Forget The Excuses For Schools Failures Ndash Focus On Education

"They graded us too hard." As kids, that ranked right up there with "The dog ate my homework" as an excuse.…

Lets Decide What Will Keep Miami Alive After Castro Dies

What does Miami stand for? What is our ideal future, and how will we unite to achieve it?…

State Protects Vital Police Work Phone Transfers And Filing

Gov. Charlie Crist and our legislators assure us that while they've geared a big fat tax cut to whack bloated local governments, police services will be spared. I'm so glad.…

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