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Bus outsourcing so successful that county should try more

Talk about terrible timing: just as the county transit union was asking voters last week to oppose transit outsourcing, the county’s first bus outsourcing wave was reporting better performance while saving taxpayers nearly 50%.The great results…

Commission Pay Raise On Ballot Could Save County Billions

Friends called about Tuesday's ballot. They'd decided on president and Congress, but how should they vote on the charter issues?…

Business Groups Must Unite Now In Economic Recovery Drive

As our local economy falters, business should begin a recovery drive. Any wait is too long, because confidence and financial lives keep eroding.…

340 Million Ballpark Parking Coverup Needs Firm Action

Miami commissioners should be livid. Taxpayers too.…

New Paradox The Entrepreneurial Government Bureaucrat

Necessity is creating a strange new hybrid. Not hybrid gas-electric cars on the road, but hybrid bureaucrat-entrepreneurs in government.…

All Set To Uncork Miami Rivers 90proof Economic Kick

In less than two weeks Miami-Dade is to celebrate an economic boon right in the teeth of the nation's downturn. And while we'll be the biggest beneficiaries, ripples will spread…

Forget Too Big To Fail School District Is Too Big To Succeed

As Alberto Carvalho prepares to sign a $275,000-a-year contract to be Miami-Dade school superintendent, our condolences: success is impossible.…

Judges Ruling Details A Stadium Deal Thats Legal But Horrid

A ruling that a Marlins stadium wouldn't violate the state constitution, while fair and clearly reasoned, paradoxically shows why the deal must die.…

584 People At A Ballgame Prove Folly Of Building A Stadium

For the 455th consecutive time last Wednesday afternoon, 96-year-old Fenway Park in Boston sold every seat for a Red Sox game, tying baseball's record.…

Cut The Slush Out Of Government And Out Of Our Tax Bills

Commissioners this week take their first cut at Miami-Dade's budget. It should be a hefty cut.…