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Dull task may determine how well county meets our needs

How well Miami-Dade County Hall meets needs of business and residents will soon rest on a task that few know about and even fewer care about: a charter review.Stop. Don’t turn the page. Nothing brings more…

Ho Hum Marlins Hand County Yet Another Stadium Deadline

Miami-Dade County is under deadline pressure to persuade the Florida Marlins to accept public money and land so the team can build a stadium where the Orange Bowl now stands.…

Miami Must Be A Stern Gatekeeper In Port Tunnel Decision

It would be easier to sell the City of Miami on pouring $50 million into a Port of Miami tunnel if we could see the light at the end of…

Citys Centerpiece Of Beauty And History Gone With The Wind

Looking across Biscayne Boulevard, the 73-foot-diameter SkyLife Balloon today dominates Miami's Bayfront Park in the very spot where the city's own Mildred and Claude Pepper Fountain briefly was the metropolitan…

Illegal Miami Meeting Plays Right Into Budgetcutters Hands

Legislators this week plan to force Miami to slash $22 million more out of its newly adopted budget, and an illegal meeting that the city whitewashed may help them succeed.…

Oh Oh Whd Have Thught Wed Get A Knckut Punch Dwntwn

Miami ingloriously became part of the spelling reform movement when its Downtown Development Authority last week voted to knock both O's out of Downtown Miami, leaving the name as Dwntwn…

Tax Cut Miami Style Tax Collections Spending Set To Rise

Local governments cry the blues over cuts the Legislature ordered to ease the tax burden on homeowners, but the way they define a cut doesn't soothe the pain.…

Waiterskip The Steak Ndash Just Give Me Some Service Please

Just when we think we've licked our image problems, they bite us again. Maybe we got complacent.…

Marlins About To Bring Ballpark Deal In From The Bullpen

The people controlling Miami's future — the operators of Major League Baseball — no longer insist on a new stadium downtown and now will accept one at the Orange Bowl…

Whos Watching Big Brother While Hes Watching You

Our front-page report last week seemed comforting: We're getting surveillance cameras throughout Miami to help control terrorism.…

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