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New federal survey offers vital clues to good transit policy

A bonanza of new data about Miami-Dade residents can be a goldmine for policymakers who use reality rather than assumptions to plan the future.Whether it’s trying to speed commutes, viewing the impacts of foreign immigration, planning…

Private Stadium Offer Gives Commissioners An Out Pitch

Could it be that after all the fuss, the Marlins stadium saga will turn out as it always should have — a straight business deal rather than a political giveaway?…

Painting A Happy Face On A Ballpark Or Lipstick On A Pig

Hard evidence against spending public billions for a stadium to benefit a baseball team's owners during a painful recession is compelling enough to smash the deal right now.…

Dont Let Shortterm Thinking Dribble Our Stimulus Away

We're to know March 10 how much South Florida is due from the $787 billion Obama bonanza. …

As Lastminute Facts Dribble Out Stadium Deal Gets Worse

After listing six reasons not to build a ballpark, our friends at the Herald editorialized last Thursday that we ought to anyway because we "shouldn't stop a dream whose time…

Hidden Costs Giveaways Top List Of 32 Added Stadium Pitfalls

True cost of a Florida Marlins stadium is hundreds of millions more than the $515 million that county officials cited in unveiling contracts two weeks ago.…

Commissioners Heres The Other Side Of Stadium Giveaway

Attention, commissioners who'll vote next week on binding us for 50 years to a Marlins stadium contract: Your city and county managers and the team have told you privately how…

Its Time For Frank Talk And Painful Decisions To Save The Arts

The Miami City Ballet and Cleveland Orchestra's $1,000-a-seat gala this week masks a sad fact: it's the last time this season that our nationally famed ballet will dance to live…

Miami Todays Very Active Affluent Readers Exude Optimism

Our reader surveys uncover valuable trends. Key findings of a brand-new study: …

Ask Obama For Perpetual Job Generators Not Just Handouts

Dennis Moss gets it. Manny Diaz just wants to get it all.…