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Written by on July 18, 2013


Miami is a weekly feature of Miami Today, keeping readers ahead

of the news. Here are highlights from the most current edition.


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   LOCAL BUSINESS PREFERRED: A proposed change to Miami-Dade code would more tightly define locally headquartered businesses, which now have major preference for county contracts, by removing from the category local firms based here that are subsidiary to or affiliated with companies based elsewhere. In a bidding situation, for example, a locally headquartered business whose offering price came within 10% of the bid of a local firm that wasn’t locally headquartered would be given the opportunity to undercut the low bid and win the contract. The margin for that now is 5%. Esteban Bovo Jr.’s measure, which passed preliminary reading Tuesday by a 9-0 vote, will need to go through a committee hearing and then a final commission vote to become law. It could become pivotal in major public-private contracts expected to come before the commission.

   EMIRATES ON RUNWAY?: Miami-Dade Aviation Department officials are in talks with Emirates Airline to launch services into Miami International Airport. Greg Chin, the airport’s communication coordinator, confirmed local officials have been in talks with Emirates Airline and other Middle Eastern carriers ìfor years,î but would not say whether they had reached a deal or how much traffic the new service might generate. Emirate Airline officials were not available.

   THE MAYOR’S WORDS: A county committee last week sent to the full commission a measure sponsored by Lynda Bell that would require the mayor’s office to post on a single location on the county’s website every memo and report the mayor issues to commissioners within 24 hours and make the data searchable and sortable by broad categories.

   DOWNTOWN LANDSCAPING: County commissioners agreed Tuesday by a 9-0 vote to accept $145,000 a year for up to four years from the City of Miami’s Downtown Development Authority to upgrade landscaping for entrances to downtown. It updates a 2010 agreement to do work that, according to the legislation, the city, county and state do not do in their basic maintenance of areas seen as priority gateways for tourists. The agreement provides for ìenhanced levels of service required to attain the standard of landscaping and aesthetic improvements desired within the DDA district.î The work is to be done by a Neighborhood Enhancement Action Team through the county’s Community Image Advisory Board. The development authority is funded primarily by an added tax on businesses within its boundaries. The authority’s board approved the agreement last October.


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