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Written by on February 7, 2013


Miami is a weekly feature of Miami Today, keeping readers ahead

of the news. Here are highlights from the most current edition.


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   DECEMBER CONSTRUCTION LULL: Contracts for future construction in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area fell in December from the prior December, McGraw-Hill Construction reported, though for the year as a whole gains above the prior year were extensive. Nonresidential construction fell by 35% while residential construction gained 17% from December to December, the company reported. For the year as a whole, however nonresidential construction gained 47% and residential construction gained 87%, for an overall construction gain of 67%. Statewide for the year, nonresidential construction orders gained 5% and residential gained 48%, for a total construction order gain for the year of 21%.

   TRAFFIC IS A BEAR: Workers are reconfiguring lanes on the troubled Bear Cut Bridge linking Virginia Key and Key Biscayne to add a second lane for eastbound traffic. After work ends by March 1, there are to be two eastbound and two westbound lanes in a temporary configuration prior to the Sony Open tennis tournament that will bring heavy added traffic loads to Key Biscayne. Work to add the second eastbound lane is to be done between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. seven days a week until the change is made. Miami-Dade County meanwhile is seeking a more permanent solution to a degrading bridge. Replacement of one side of the bridge has been estimated at $31 million; the other side has been found structurally sound. The repairs are to be repaid from revenues from county bonds yet to be issued. Most categories of bridge tolls at the entrance to Virginia Key are to rise to help repay costs.

   CALIFORNIA CLEANING: Coconut Grove-based Chemergy Inc. says the company and its proprietary technology have been approved with a funding allocation to do a biowaste-to-biofuel demonstration in the San Francisco Bay area. Approval for the $1.75 million project, the company says, came from the California Energy Commission. The company says it is teaming up with Electrolytic Technologies Corp. of North Miami Beach to build and test its system prior to shipping to the California Bay for operation and its evaluation by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The company’s Robin Parker says its technology "provides a paradigm-shift in the production of renewable biofuel (hydrogen) from biowaste feedstock, including waste-water, sewage, manure, paper, wood/crop residues, municipal solid waste [and] virtually any waste." In California, the company said, it’s to process anaerobic digestate from the Delta Diablo Sanitation District.


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