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Written by on January 24, 2013


Miami is a weekly feature of Miami Today, keeping readers ahead

of the news. Here are highlights from the most current edition.


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   LANDFILL: The Miami City Commission is to take up today (1/24) the remediation and closure of the Virginia Key landfill and a companion item that would allow the city to use the county’s solid waste management system to dispose of municipal solid waste. The resolution would allow City Manager Johnny Martinez to execute an agreement for the remediation and closure of the landfill that would replace a 2004 agreement between the city and Miami-Dade County. The county, according to Capital Improvements Director Mark Spanioli, is providing all the work and absorbing all costs even though it is city property. The city, however, would still be responsible for post-closure maintenance and monitoring and is exploring the idea of turning the land into a park.

   ALL-TIME RECORDS: It’s official. 2012 was Miami International Airport’s busiest year ever, the Miami-Dade County Aviation Department reports. The airport set all-time records with 39.5 million passengers and 2.1 million tons of cargo. Last year’s passenger total rose 3%, up more than 1.1 million passengers from 2011, while cargo volume grew 4.6%. International passengers grew 5.2% to 19.4 million. "Despite a national economy still struggling to rebound, [Miami International] continues to reach new heights as our community’s primary economic engine," said Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

   TEXTING 911: Emergency calls to 911 could soon be made by text messages in Miami-Dade County if a resolution passed last week by a county committee clears the full county commission. It asks the mayor’s office to study the change and report back in two months. Other local governments in the county are already testing 911 systems that use texting, the resolution sponsored by Barbara Jordan says.

   SCIENCE FUNDS: Miami’s Museum of Science and Planetarium is up for a $548,375 grant from the city commission today (1/24). Approval would increase funding under the agreement from $2,151,625 up to $2,700,000. The grant would help support development of the museum’s new facility in Bicentennial Park. The museum, renamed the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum, has already completed its structural foundation at the new location and is now building vertically in the Museum Park it shares with the Perez Art Musuem Miami, which is already about 80% complete.

   EXTRA DRAINAGE: Miami’s Department of Capital Improvements is asking the city commission today (1/24) to add $161,100 to the San Marco Island Drainage Improvement Project to cover unforeseen work. The addition would increase the project’s award value to $2,022,751.


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