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Written by on November 25, 2010


Miami is a weekly feature of Miami Today, keeping readers ahead

of the news. Here are highlights from the most current edition.


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   URBAN JOBS: Miami-Dade’s Beacon Council got backing in its push for legislation that would allow area businesses to finance redevelopment projects through the state sales tax. The county commission adopted Nov. 16 a resolution urging the Florida Legislature to pass the Urban Job Creation Investment Act, authorizing creation of economic development zones. Businesses within each zone could apply to receive benefits, including a 50% reduction in state sales taxes, subsidized unemployment insurance costs for those earning less than $4,500 a quarter, a $1,500 corporate tax credit for full-time workers who have been unemployed for 90 days and a credit against the corporate business tax.

   STILL WAITING: No word yet as to whether a mystery communications firm will expand, adding 180 jobs and invest $4.6 million in new facilities in Miami-Dade or move to Argentina, California or Colorado. "We can’t discuss ongoing projects," Beacon Council spokesperson Ana Acle-Mendez e-mailed. The agency, the county’s economic development arm, helped the company apply for a Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund offering it $450,000, of which the county would pay $90,000, to stay here and grow. The county commission approved the incentive in late July, but it seems the company has yet to decide.

   NOT A WORD: It’s not clear whether Miami is closer to securing a Merchandise Mart-style business that would result in a new 2.5-million-square-foot trade center, warehouse and office complex along with 3,000 new jobs, though it’s not dead yet. Beacon Council spokesperson Ana Acle-Mendez said the agency couldn’t comment on an ongoing project, which means the company may still be considering its move. The county commission in March approved a $180,000 payout to bring the company here and is to eventually consider a $3.9 million incentive.

   TV TALKS: Miami-Dade may soon slither onto the small screen. The county commission adopted Nov. 16 a resolution allowing local camera crews to shoot and produce "Venom 1," a reality show following the county’s venom response team as it responds to and treats attack victims. Produced by 2C Media, the company that brought us "Danger Coast," a reality series about county’s fireboat operations, the show has been in production since July. Producers are to cover all costs and pay the county $5,000 per episode. Chris Sloan, president and owner of 2C media, said the series is expected to hit airwaves early next year.

   HOSPITALITY JOBS: Miami-Dade County leisure and hospitality jobs rose 2.7% in October to an average of 103,400 compared to October 2009’s 100,700.


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