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Front Page » Profile » Second Woman To Ever Lead The Orange Bowl Committee Baptists Phillis Oeters Focuses On Community Service

Second Woman To Ever Lead The Orange Bowl Committee Baptists Phillis Oeters Focuses On Community Service

Written by on December 10, 2009

Phillis Oeters has always been community minded, so chairing the civic-minded Orange Bowl Committee, which organizes a fanfest at Bayfront Park and two huge youth sporting events, is right up her alley.

She says the legacy she’d like to leave "is elevating the community service part of it because we are really a role model across the country in terms of what we do in our community for youth."

As only the second woman to lead the committee in more than seven decades, Ms. Oeters is also a trailblazer for women in sports — or as she calls it "one of the last glass ceilings" that need to be broken.

In her day job, Ms. Oeters spends much of her time in advocacy, fighting for Baptist’s and South Florida’s causes in government.

The big discussion nationwide, healthcare reform, is at the top of her list.

"There needs to be healthcare reform in terms of changing the system right now," she says. "There are many things that could be done to help with the economic drain."

Ms. Oeters discussed her passion for community service, advocacy and her first Orange Bowl experience with Miami Today staff writer Scott E. Pacheco at the Orange Bowl Committee offices in Miami Lakes. To read this profile article in its entirety, subscribe to Miami Today’s E-paper. With the E-paper you will be able to read the entire contents of Miami Today online exactly as it appears in print. Or order this issue, to receive a regular printed copy of this week’s Miami Today. You may also subscribe to the printed edition of Miami Today to receive the newspaper every week by mail.
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