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Written by on December 10, 2009


Miami is a weekly feature of Miami Today, keeping readers ahead

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   ETHICS UPGRADE: An effort to rein in unethical behavior in the City of Miami is to be discussed at the city commission’s first regular meeting today (12/10) after the shakeup amidst allegations of unethical behavior that ousted two commissioners from office. If the initiative becomes law, all elected and appointed city officials — including department heads — and lobbyists wishing to do business with the city will have to complete an ethics coursed designed by the Miami-Dade Commission of Ethics and Public Trust and Florida International University’s Metropolitan Center. The course is to teach "real-life scenarios of unacceptable behavior" and emphasize avoiding "even the appearance of impropriety," according to a news release.

   PAY UP: The City of Miami may enter into conflict resolution with Miami-Dade County — a required precursor to legal action — for parking-surcharge fees the city says the county owes. The county operates parking facilities within city limits that are subject to a city-levied parking surcharge. The county has failed to pay some of this debt to the city, according to the upcoming city commission meeting’s agenda, so commissioners are to decide at today’s (12/10) meeting if they want the city attorney to pursue the matter.

   CROSSING THE LINE: Miami-Dade County will continue appealing a state ruling that it crossed the line in approving a project over its Urban Development Boundary, though Commissioner Katy Sorenson tried again Tuesday to stop the appeal. She from the get-go opposed allowing a Lowe’s to be built over the line meant to prevent sprawl and protect undeveloped land. The state has said the county erred in agreeing to the project, and Miami-Dade has been fighting back. Ms. Sorenson at a committee meeting Tuesday proposed halting the appeal and complying with the state’s call. But commissioners killed the legislation. The appeal process is to continue.

   MINING MONEY: To make sure Miami-Dade gets optimal bang for its buck when it comes to rock mining at the former Opa-Locka West General Aviation Airport, Commissioner Katy Sorenson is asking for a "post-rock mining plan." The county’s Airport and Seaport Committee signed off on her proposal last week. It asks the administration to "implement a post-rock mining plan so that the Aviation Department’s rock mining activities provide the county’s airport system with the maximum amount of revenue while remaining consistent with a post-rock mining use of the site that meets reasonable environmental goals, standards of the county’s Park and Recreation Department and acceptable post-mining public uses of the site."

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