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Filming In Miami

Written by on October 13, 2005

Filming in Miami is the only compilation of motion picture, television, still and commercial shoots in Greater Miami. Shoots are listed by licensing jurisdiction.

EVOLVE DIRECT, West Palm Beach. Commercial for Viva Body. Several locations.

FV PRODUCTIONS, Miami. TV for ìCuando Llora el Corazon.î A.D. Barnes Park.

ONBOARD MEDIA, Miami Beach. TV for The Beach Channel.î Miami Beach citywide.

ORIGINAL MEDIA, Miami Beach. TV for ìMiami Ink.î Miami Beach citywide.

PARAMOUNT PICTURES, Los Angeles. TV for ìSouth Beach.î Several locations.

BLIND DECKER PRODUCTIONS, Miami. TV for ìDexter.î Several locations.

ZEAL TELEVISION USA, Miami Beach. TV for ìPepsi Musica.î Several locations.

PHARE QUEST PRODUCTIONS, Paris. TV for ìCrime Scene Photographers.î Countywide.

AT IT PRODUCTIONS LIMITED, London. TV for ìThe Facemakers.î Several locations.

DME, Santa Monica, CA., TV for ìPet Friendly Cities.î Miami Beach citywide.

MTV NETWORKS, New York. TV for ì8th and Ocean.î Several locations.

SANMAR STUDIO, Universal City, CA. TV for ìEl Premio de la Gente.î Watson Island.

MV FILM PRODUCTION, Miami. Film for ìMiami Vice.î Several locations.

FILMAURO, Coral Gables. Film for ìChristmas in Miami.î Several locations.

OASIS PRODUCTIONS 7, Miami. Film for ìOasis.î Lemon City Park.

SUPER GROUP INTERNATIONAL, Miami. Music videos for Los Temerarios. Countywide.

SUPER GROUP INTERNATIONAL, Miami. Music videos for Basic Vocab. Countywide.

STERLING FILMS, New York. TV for ìThe Defender.î Several locations.

MENTORN, London. TV for ìReal Crime.î Several locations.

FILM CO. #2, Miami Beach. ì411.î Miami Beach citywide.

META FILM GMBH, Cologne, Germany. Voxtours Wolkenlos. Little Havana Business District sidewalks.

MIRO PRODUCTIONS, Miami. Prosperity interviews. Several locations.

AVANTI (ST. IVES USA, INC.), Miami. Stills for Proffitts Catalogs. Countywide.

DAVID SEGUI PRODUCTION SERVICE, Miami Beach. Stills for Next Directory-Marci Bercker. Miami Beach citywide.

AGA CREATIVE, New York. Stills for Roamans. Several locations.

ED ROBINSON PHOTOGRAPHY, Miami. Stills for photography portrait. Countywide and Haulover Beach Park.

SUMMIT PRODUCTIONS INC., Fort Lauderdale. Stills for Adverba. Several locations.

MEDIOIMAGES, Rockville, MD. Stills for Miami. Miami Beach citywide.

EDDIE BAUER (AMERICAS) INC., Miami. Stills for Sports Check. Several locations.

MORPHOTO INC., North Miami. Stills for Lan Chile. Miami International Airport.

JACKSON PRODUCTIONS, Miami Beach. Stills for Stardust. Countywide.

ULLA POPKEN INC., Glen Arm, MD. Stills for spring/summer fashions. Haulover Beach Park and Miami Beach citywide.

RAOUL MINSART, Miami Beach. Stills for stock photography. Miami Beach citywide.

MM PRODUCTIONS (MARKUS MUELLER), Miami Beach. Stills for Quelle. Several locations.

MOBILE ARTS INC., Miami Beach. Stills for Luggage Express (Marc USA). City of Miami citywide and countywide.

C&S PHOTOGRAPHY INC., Miami. Stills for Portrait. Matheson Hammock Park.

SUMMIT PRODUCTIONS INC., Fort Lauderdale. Stills for Neckermann/Winfred Kottler. Several locations.

ACE PRODUCTIONS, Miami. Stills for Jaggy Jeans campaign. Several locations.

EUROBUNGY, Miami. Stills for Trampoline. Matheson Hammock Park.

HAROLDíS STORES, Dallas. Stills for gift book. Miami Beach beachfront from 17th to 41st streets.

HG PRODUCERS INC., Miami Beach. Stills for Victoriaís Secret. Several locations.

BOSTON PROPER, Boca Raton. Stills for Sport catalog. Several locations.

PAZIT INC., Coconut Grove. Stills for Blair. Several locations.

METROMOTION PRODUCTIONS, New York. Stills for Spiegel Catalog. Several locations.

SUMMIT PRODUCTIONS INC., Fort Lauderdale. Stills for Duty Free World/Dirk Frank. Several locations.

COBALT PICTURES INC., Coral Gables. Stills for stock photos of Miami. Antonio Maseo Park and countywide.

KIKOR INC., Coconut Grove. Stills for BellSouth. Ocean Drive and Fifth to 15th streets.

MONIQUE ROBERTSON PRODUCTIONS, Miami Beach. Stills for 3 Suisses/J. Paul Lefret. Several locations.

ONE SHARP ENTERPRISES INC., Fort Lauderdale. Stills for Next Directory. Several locations.

FIFTH STREET PRODUCTION INC., Miami Beach. Stills for Studio Penquit. Countywide and Miami Beach citywide.   Top Front Page About Miami Today Put Your Message in Miami Today Contact Miami Today © Copyright 2005 Miami Today designed and produced by Green Dot Advertising and Marketing
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