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Filming In Miami

Written by on January 8, 2004

Filming in Miami is the only compilation of motion picture, television, still and commercial shoots in Greater Miami. Shoots are listed by licensing jurisdiction.

These filming permits were issued last week by the Miami-Dade Mayor’s Office of Film & Entertainment, 111 NW First St., Suite 2540, Miami 33128. (305) 375-3288.

FONOVIDEO, Miami. Stills for Angel Rebelde. Countywide.

GRANADA FACTUAL, New York. Stills for Crime Scenes Uncovered. Countywide.

OPEN ZINE, Miami. Stills for Ramblins. Countywide.

TOE-JAM FILMS, Miami. Stills for In The Forest. Countywide.

MTV NETWORKS, Santa Monica. Stills for "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica." Countywide.

SEPTEMBER FILMS, Los Angeles. Stills for Single in South Beach. Countywide.

AVANTI, Miami. Stills for Proffitts. Countywide.

HOWARD AUSTIN FELD, Opa-locka. Stills for ABC. Countywide.

SUMMIT PRODUCTIONS, Fort Lauderdale. Stills for Adverba. Countywide.

SEASON PRODUCTION, Miami Beach. Stills for You. Countywide.

These are the permits issued last week by the Division of Film & Print of the City of Miami Beach, 1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach 33139. (305) 673-7577.

JACKSON PRODUCTIONS, Miami Beach. Stills for Catalog. Citywide.

SHOOT FLORIDA, Miami. Stills for Toyota. Citywide.

HOWARD AUSTIN FELD, Miami. Stills for ABC. Citywide.

MEGAN MALOY, Jersey City. Stills for Skin Cancer Foundation. Citywide.

HAGGIN MARKETING, Sausalito. Stills for Luxottica. Citywide.

CASUAL CORNER, Enfield. Stills for Casual Corner. Citywide.

SUMMIT PRODUCTIONS, Fort Lauderdale. Stills for Schwab. Citywide.

SELECT SERVICES, Miami. Stills for Carsons. Citywide.

HARBOUR FILMS, Coconut Grove. Stills for Lorel. Citywide.

PARKER PRODUCTIONS, Miami Beach. Stills for Lord & Taylor. Citywide.

DME, Santa Monica. Stills for Ready for the Week. Citywide.

DISCOVERY, Miami. Stills for Pop Science. Citywide.

KEVIN LOWES, New York. Stills for Blair. Citywide.

BARRY HARRIS STUDIO, Montreal. Stills for Browns Shoes. Citywide.

RANDI PHILLIPS PRODUCTIONS, Hollywood. Stills for Littlewoods. Citywide.

These companies received filming permits last week from Miami’s Film Industry Liaisons of Miami, Miami Police Department, 400 NW Second Ave., Miami 33128. (305) 579-6424.

COLLABORATION, Miami Shores. Stills for Commercial. Countywide.

SELECT SERVICES, Miami. Stills for Photo. Countywide.

SUMMIT PRODUCTIONS, Fort Lauderdale. Stills for Fashion. Countywide.

HIGHLIGHT PRODUCTIONS, Miami. Stills for Fashion. Countywide.

RETAIL BRAND ALLIANCE, Enfield. Stills for Fashion. Countywide.

MOBILE ARTS PRODUCTION SERVICES, Miami Beach. Stills for Fashion. Countywide.

CONTARAKES, Miami. Stills for Photo. Countywide.

MEGAN MALLOY, Jersey City. Stills for Photo. Countywide.

MTV, Santa Monica. Stills for TV Show. Countywide.

STONE HOUSE PRODUCTIONS, South Norwalk. Countywide.

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