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Stories written by Michael Lewis

Stephen Ross Welcome To The Independence Day Festivities

Political action is the American way. It's part of what democracy is all about.…

Sea level change is long term, response team should be too

Sea level change is long term, response team should be too

What area of the US would rising sea levels hit hardest? Florida is ground zero. What locale has the most to lose as beaches disappear under water along with coastal…

Sea Level Change Is Long Term Response Team Should Be Too

What area of the US would rising sea levels hit hardest?…

Money Upkeep Politics Impeding Transportation Solutions

A week after a transportation summit's gauging of mobility or immobility revealed that the green fuel of public transport-ation's future is money, a county Finance Committee detoured down the same…

Intellectual Curiosity About The Economics Of Higher Education

It seems like a great quest for knowledge: find out the exact impact of higher education on Miami-Dade County's eco-nomy. A resolution asking exactly that was before a county commission…

Puzzles Tax Rates Beacon Council Control Absent Officials

Dozens of bright questions at last week's Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce goals sessions are worth probing. Some will lead to progress. Others will fly off radar screens.…

County Dumps Bigpicture Strategic Thinking As Road Kill

It's hard to find clearer insight into Miami-Dade's commission in action – or inaction – than last week as parochial views trumped far-ranging thought in a meeting mired in minutia.…

Web Of Cities Covering The County A Wise Urban Landscape

A step to spur new cities in Miami-Dade is healthy. It could pull decisions closer to home and help county hall tackle major issues.…

Countys Goldmine Of Publicprivate Deals Requires Caution

Willie Sutton robbed about 100 banks in a spree beginning in the 1920s. Asked why, he reportedly said, "because that's where the money is.Ó …

Despite Legislative Defeat Dolphins Will Upgrade Stadium

Fearless football forecast: Despite a last-minute Tallahassee defeat, the Dolphins will soon upgrade Sun Life Stadium. Owners won't let a deal elude them.…

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