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Stories written by Michael Lewis

And Now The Good News From The County Managers Office

Talk about rotten timing. …

Welcome To Miamis Huge Party Ndash Oh And Enjoy The Art Too

If you're in town for Art Basel …

Voters Faith In Funding County Bond Issue Isnt Reciprocated

Shame on us. Voters really believed that if we approved a massive bond issue for county infrastructure, we'd get what a high-cost government marketing campaign promised. We should have known…

Bury Baseball Stadium Bonds As Barry Goes Out On Bonds

As Florida Marlins executives toil to cement a deal to get you and me to build them a baseball stadium, the ground under them gets shakier.…

Another Failure To Look Before We Leap Into A Tax Cut Pitfall

Tinkering with taxes isolated from economic expertise, as noted in this space last week, can trigger disaster. Without holistic thought, reverberations of change in tax structures can subvert the best…

Charter Reviews Cavein Neednt Be A Permanent Collapse

Nothing was more predictable than the Miami-Dade County Charter Review Task Force's unwise cave-in to support election of a property appraiser.…

Ho Hum Marlins Hand County Yet Another Stadium Deadline

Miami-Dade County is under deadline pressure to persuade the Florida Marlins to accept public money and land so the team can build a stadium where the Orange Bowl now stands.…

Miami Must Be A Stern Gatekeeper In Port Tunnel Decision

It would be easier to sell the City of Miami on pouring $50 million into a Port of Miami tunnel if we could see the light at the end of…

Citys Centerpiece Of Beauty And History Gone With The Wind

Looking across Biscayne Boulevard, the 73-foot-diameter SkyLife Balloon today dominates Miami's Bayfront Park in the very spot where the city's own Mildred and Claude Pepper Fountain briefly was the metropolitan…

Illegal Miami Meeting Plays Right Into Budgetcutters Hands

Legislators this week plan to force Miami to slash $22 million more out of its newly adopted budget, and an illegal meeting that the city whitewashed may help them succeed.…

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