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Stories written by Michael Lewis

Hidden Costs Giveaways Top List Of 32 Added Stadium Pitfalls

True cost of a Florida Marlins stadium is hundreds of millions more than the $515 million that county officials cited in unveiling contracts two weeks ago.…

Commissioners Heres The Other Side Of Stadium Giveaway

Attention, commissioners who'll vote next week on binding us for 50 years to a Marlins stadium contract: Your city and county managers and the team have told you privately how…

Its Time For Frank Talk And Painful Decisions To Save The Arts

The Miami City Ballet and Cleveland Orchestra's $1,000-a-seat gala this week masks a sad fact: it's the last time this season that our nationally famed ballet will dance to live…

Miami Todays Very Active Affluent Readers Exude Optimism

Our reader surveys uncover valuable trends. Key findings of a brand-new study: …

Despite Recession Miamians Can Create A Happy New Year

Short on New Year's resolutions? Try this: I will do all I can to speed Miami's economic recovery.…

Kiddies Don Get Too Greedy With Your Wish Lists To Santa

And now, boys and girls, we go to Santa Obama's workshop, where he and Mrs. Santa are reading letters asking for gifts. As we listen, we hear him say...…

Antiforeclosure Bid Is A Textbook On Countys Deficiencies

No single issue embodies everything that's wrong with Miami-Dade's government, but a bid for a $62 million federal lifeline for homeowners facing foreclosure sure comes close.…

As Economy Tanks Executives Whistle Tunes Of The 1920s

If today's economic implosion calls for innovation, why are key executives acting so 1920s?…

Building Ballpark Could Cost County 3 Billion Every Year

Stadium talks between governments and the Florida Marlins are in extra innings. Contract deadlines have passed. Now dealings come up against a recession unanticipated during ballpark euphoria.…

Economic Stimulus Plan Build A Repository Of Promises

As governments plan construction to combat recession, let each be sure to include one mammoth structure: a repository for promises they make to voters.…

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