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Coral Gables Residents May Face An Upto 19 Property Tax Rate Hike To Help Balance Budget

Coral Gables residents could be hit with an up-to 19% increase in property tax rates in the upcoming fiscal year to balance the city's budget.…

Police To Take On Illegal Downtown Parking Lots But Merchants Say Its Not Enough

The Miami Police Department plans a crackdown on illegal parking lots downtown but will take up to five years to do it to avoid causing a parking shortage.…

Taxable Value Increase In Cards For Downtowners

Thanks to new construction, the Miami Downtown Development Authority will be the only agency in the county seeing an increase in taxable value this year. But don't look for a…

Miami Commissioners Look To Hold Nonprofit Movers Accountable In Sugar Hill Sale

It started as a charity project and ended in a potential fraud, leaving the City of Miami nearly $1 million in debt to the federal government.…

Miami Missing 337719 In Impact Fees As Statute Of Limitations Running Out

While the City of Miami faces deepening budget concerns, several area contractors are sitting on impact fees totaling more than $337,000 that have been due since 2005 — and time…

Miami Hit With 1 Million Tab For Unauthorized Aids Facility Sale

A non-profit agency's unauthorized sale of a federally funded AIDS facility to a private company is costing the City of Miami nearly $1 million in a $4 million tab that…

Taxable Sales In Florida Decrease For The First Time In About 50 Years Miamidade Fares Slightly Better Than Most In State With Help Of International Business Growth

Fiscal 2008 taxable sales declined 5.4% statewide for the first drop in nearly half a century, while Miami-Dade fared a bit better with a decline of 2.6%, state officials say.…

Many Banks Maintain Level Of Charitable Giving To Nonprofits Despite Sour Economy

In recent months, newspapers awash with stories of suffering banks have caused some to wonder whether nonprofits that benefit from bank donations will feel the burn too.…

Road North Of Miami River Loses Battle For Brickell Name But Gains New Designation Avenue Of The Americas

The area north of the Miami River will receive a consolation prize after losing a two-year battle to get the Brickell Avenue name extended across the Brickell Bridge.…

Coral Gables City Commissioners Own Up To Faults Discuss Future

Coral Gables city commissioners are owning up to their faults.…

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