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Front Page » Profile » Julio Frenk: University of Miami president seeks training for change

Julio Frenk: University of Miami president seeks training for change


Written by on February 23, 2016

Julio Frenk: University of Miami president seeks training for change

According to Julio Frenk, we are living in a complex, turbulent period and universities are absolutely crucial to successfully face challenges of the 21st century and beyond. They offer a neutral space, he said, where the most complex policy questions should be debated with a rational and respectful basis.

That’s what Dr. Frenk means when he refers to a relevant university, one of the four visions he has for the University of Miami. In his inauguration speech as its sixth president, Dr. Frenk also said he sees the university’s future aspiring to be hemispheric, excellent and exemplary.

Education isn’t merely about training for a job, Dr. Frenk said. Equally important is developing people who will be successful in a changing world. In the class that started this year, he said, probably 60% of graduates will be taking jobs that don’t exist now.

The University of Miami tries to educate people who will have a depth of knowledge, he said, but also the critical thinking, analytical skills and ability to work as a team and to be tolerant of different perspectives so they will be successful in the world.

It’s through education that our work force is provided, made up of innovators and those who are going to make the world a better place, Dr. Frenk said. As a research institution, he said the University of Miami is providing advances in knowledge that are at the bottom of every element of progress we see, whether in medical care or almost any other field. Good research, he said, is going to be a key to dealing with the problems we’re facing. 

Miami Today reporter Susan Danseyar interviewed Dr. Frenk on campus.

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