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SHURE, Make it even prittier, all in his name?In stead of capatalizing on his name why dont miami dade come to south miami dade and spend some of that money on part of the actual site of the flagler railroad. The old railroad runs right behind my home and continues north where it used to cross Krome ave. It is virtual DUMP, People dump everything you can emagin on the site. EVERYTHING FROM FURNITURE, HOUSEHOLD ITEMS, TRASH, BEER BOTTLES, SODA CANS,not to mention all the fastfood rappers and bags. MY neighbors and I go out to the road every week and clean up as much trash as we can. Last week , two dead chickens in a paper bag.To add insult to injury, when the town comes to mow the area they mow right over all the trash which makes an even bigger mess. Disgracefull. If you want to do something to honor his name preserve the old site. spen some money and clean the area up. At the very least, put up some no littering signs. This whole rant may not do any good or wont even be read, but i had to get it off my chest. South florida, the gateway to the Keys. My A**, more like the dump it here before you get to the Keys.